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Scientific research is a significant part of Frontier's work. Since 1989 we have carried out research in many of the world's most significant biodiversity hotspots. Often, these places are little-known in the scientific community and there is a real need to build up a base of knowledge regarding each unique environment and its species, so that they may be protected into the future.

Biodiversity surveying and monitoring is central to Frontier's research activities, as many sites where our scientists are working lack baseline data. Other work includes terrestrial and marine habitat mapping, investigation of the ecology of many different species of interest (like puku antelope in Tanzania, sea turtles in Fiji, or lemurs in Madagascar), and socio-economic research into sustainable livelihoods. The results of these studies contribute to the establishment of protected areas and the implementation of sustainable resource management for local communities.

In some cases, such as Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania's first marine park, this involved setting up marine protected areas around coral reefs with a high conservation value. In others it involved promoting alternative sources of income for communities relying on rainforests, such as medicinal plant cultivation by Hmong farmers in Sa Pa, Vietnam.

We work hard to maintain our relationships with local communities and governments, universities and institutions, as effective conservation is best achieved by involving all stakeholders. In order to maintain the highest scientific standards we work in consultation with a wide range of professionals at institutions and universities from around the world. This ensures our methods are sound, our conclusions are accurate and we remain at the forefront of scientific research.

We aim to keep our work relevant to modern science so that in the future researchers can build upon it. We employ credible scientists who have already established their position as high calibre, published researchers. All of our research volunteers are trained in standardized methods of data collection, which often goes on to be published in peer-reviewed journals. We also regularly attend international conferences and symposia on biodiversity and conservation, and have discovered a number of species new to science.

We offer opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to do their dissertation in the field, who are given a significant discount on regular programme fees. Please see our dissertations page for more information.

We also maintain the SeeConservation website, which documents our scientific research and project development. Click here for our latest news.

Capability in Research & Development

Frontier has over twenty years of experience in project management, with strong on-the-ground implementation and facilitation capabilities executed in conjunction with national NGOs, local authorities, community-based organisations and other community groups.

In addition to traditional baseline surveys and biodiversity research in forest, savanna, marine and freshwater ecosystems, our organisation has proven skills in natural resource management, community development, environmental education and biodiversity training workshops. We offer consultancy services in our areas of expertise, and also host talks, seminars and workshops both in the UK and overseas on conservation and development.

Please download our latest Capability Statement: The Society for Environmental Exploration / Frontier Statement of Capability 2012 (PDF - 4 mb)